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Racing Monocoque

Wood Monocoque


Monocoque F1 Style - 890 Euro + shipping

Driving station entirely made by hand in Formula 1 style, solid wood structure with separate optional on request @Fanatec Thrustmaster Logitech Simulators Italia PRO-G25-G27-G29.


Careful study of original measures and "ergonomics" of the Gp-F1 monocoques.

Ultra-adjustable workstation in the various sections of the body:
- Cervical
- Lumbar-sacral lumbar spine.

- Length 204 cm
- Height: 96 cm
- Width 94 cm
- Weight: 20 kg

For pilots up to 195cm in height

This station is very different from seats and workstations printed in series and not adjustable nor adaptable to the various morphologies of the pilot.

Structure completely in wood

- Fully adjustable seat,
- Adjustable steering column
- Up to 3 Monitors with relative base (supplied) with variable height

Compatible with:
- Formula 1 2018-2019
- Assetto Corsa Competizione
- Forza Motorsport
- GT Motorsport
and all the other simulation games for PC, Playstation and XBOX

The price refers to the monocoque, monitor support; from one to 3 monitors from 32 to 55 ".

NB: Monitor, Console or PC and games not included.

Compatible with all platforms including Personal Computer, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and with all Logitech G29 steering wheels and pedals on the market, Thrustmaster, Fanatec Leo Bodnar.

Price: from 1.490 Euro

Your Personal Formula 1 Sim


Real Steel
DFormula 1 & GT simulator

VR 360 System (Optional)
Circuit (Optional)

Price: from 1.700 Euro

Racing Monocoque - Stage 1


Monocoque F1, only central part with seat and connections for steering wheel and pedals.

Price: from 6.000 Euro

Racing Monocoque - Stage 2


F1 monocoque, front part with front wheels, front spoiler, seat, steering wheel mounts and pedals.

Price: from 9.500 Euro

Racing Monocoque - Stage 3


Formula 1 car, whole car in custom color on request.


- F1 / full-size single-seat carbon fiber monocoque + personalized padded cover.


- Direct Drive steering motor

- F1 style Quick-release steering wheel

- Accelerator pedals and gas pedals with 2-pedal load cells

- Electronic adjustable pedal

- 5.1 surround sound system

- Buttkicker's tactile force response system


- 3 Curved Screens 32 "

Possible Upgrade

- Curved projector screen

- 3 HD projectors (sold)

- Professional warp software

- PC Gaming I7 - 32gb - Double Graphic Engine

Price: from 16.500 Euro