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Engineering - Generative Design Organic Chassis


Currently all the basic structures of a complex car are produced starting from a mold where the piece is cast, die-cast or printed. Other techniques are sheet metal bonding, sheet welding, lamination in composite material molds such as in the manufacture of Hypercar or Formula 1 style aircraft frames.


It follows that each piece must have a large studio behind it and that the same study is done to make the mold.


The present technological manufacturing invention solves this problem by being able to imagine, think and produce a chassis of a car in a single piece, resistant, sturdy with a much lower weight and with a very complex structure that has several structural advantages.


The particular design produced by a set of technologies, with very futuristic forms, is very reminiscent of organic structures, in fact the artifacts produced by this technique recall organic or biological forms or as an alien biology.

Aerospace - Motorsport 360° Camera

The limit of modern cameras is the partial view of their surroundings; also very high resolution cameras and more recent conception classic "Action Camera" as the GoPro, while having a wider viewing angle, have the major limitation of not being able to observe "all that surrounds them", but only a part ... .that which it comes into view, walking very limited.


The observer can of Entering the movie, choose where and what to see during the video playback.

The viewer thus has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the shooting range. New experience of the user, other than the director, flight simulators, virtual control tower, shooting ranges. It 'obvious and evident the significant advantage of using a camera capable of

observed at 360 ° is twofold: to observe in time everything that surrounds it, with vision omni directional 360 ° without loss of any particular; not having to traverse the camera several times, the


- Events Live, Streaming (football, tennis, F-1, MotoGP

- TV commercials - Advertising,

- Sports - Museums - Exhibitions


Virtual Vehicle Test - Analisys


Studied forVehicle in the test of Consumer vehicles.

We tailor-make different types of tracks, 3D vehicles to be included in the simulator and all the physics and dynamics of the vehicle.

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