Cannes Film Festival 2014 Iimmersive omnidirectional video

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Real 360°

An innovative system, which is a new way to interpret shooting and video contents that became interactive with high resolution never used before in broadcast quality.

This patent is a property of us and cames from our 20 years experience in broadcast branch.

Our system, Real 360° ®, allow to go through the limit of classic video shooting, it goes beyond to give to the spectator the possibility to became director, browsing in real-time the video as he is inside the event.

Using different opticals, the system is able to shoot the world at 360° and provide features to enjoy spherical video and browse it in a 360° dimension what is surroundings the video shooting point, back stage included!

Suitable for filming, security video systems, acrobatic video shooting as on board camera for drones, copters, in off-limits areas.

Remote users, connected to the server via internet, will be able to enjoy video contents, browsing it in a 360° real-time.

The opticals that we use are able to shoot till 30 Millions of pixel and provide video to 4-8K, optimized for last generation projectors and televisions.

For the spectator will be a new experience because he will be able to see more than what the director would show, moving the focus on his preferred view in that moment. With this new technology will be possible to realize flight simulators, virtual control towers and shooting ranges.


The future is not only for video post-production: the real goal are interactive live video, the new freedom of choice frontier.

Shooting as static or as on-board camera, installed on cars, motorbikes, drones or copters, the video will not be the same anymore. The user will be able to live unique chance, in a new dimension, a video depth and a spherical image field made for unforgettable experiences.

The system can be used, more than from mobile devices, projectors and classic televisions, even from curve screen giving a sensation to dive in the video experience as in the real world, providing a details level never used before, 4k resolutions, 4 times the full-hd video resolutions.

A soccer match will be available for the spectator from the sidelines; everyone will be able to watch everywhere because he will no longer be bound to what the director is choosing for him using today's cameras; the possibility to autonomously choose your own images point of view is a concept that pushes beyond the vision limits of TV and Cinema, to make the reality more true and engaging

Using developed modules, our system provide the possibility to build a custom system adaptable to every kind of user and requirement.

Using our software is possible to add 3D contents inside the captured scenes, in the right perspective and totally fused in the shoot world. Will be also possible to insert video into video, as pop-up, with real-time video zoom possibility.

Video contents can be enjoyed on our multitouch monitors or on our 360° immersive video systems adaptable to small and big dimensions cinema halls, in very high resolution (4K) even on curved or hemispherical monitors.

We propose, in world premiere to our best customer, this innovative tecnology, product of our experience.

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Cannes Film Festival 2014
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Cannes Film Festival 2014 Iimmersive omnidirectional video