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Shooting Range - Virtual Shooting Range
Today, thanks to electronics and virtual reality, combined with the 360 ° camera technology, our patent, we are able to simulate very realistically shooting situations very specific and particular, that once would have been possible only in very specialized shooting ranges and specially equipped professionally; Today all this we can make it happen in your living room.
1. Completion of the line of fire already partially realized.
The shooting line already existing, realized with all the necessary precautions both to safety and to soundproofing, should be completed and integrated, both in the absorption structure of the bullets and the subsequent recovery and removal, that in the electronic part, for the analysis and control of remote shooting and the replacement of targets. In this regard we have developed a project to complete the work already done, to arrive at perfect efficiency and usability. In this context, it will only use fire real weapons, both short barrel that long, with variable gauges, except those at very high speed "war", type the cal 5.6 Born M1 or the like, with their projectiles at very high speed of the barrel outlet, could cause problems to the apparatus of the bullets absorption or on the walls and ceiling of the firing line. Obviously, in this context, the users will have to be skilled and experienced in the use of firearms and use all necessary precautions when handling firearms.
2. Creation of an e-throw line in the already built tunnel.
We could insert a ceiling from 100-120 inch monitor, place to 4/6 meters from the shooter, on which to project fixed and moving targets, to simulate the sighting and the path of virtual animals of various nature, that they move in their scenarios regulars at programmable speeds, depending on the ability of the user pull. In this case you can either use fire real weapons, suitably modified to target electronic targets, and specific weapons for the electronic shooting, very similar to the real ones, without having to worry that the same weapons are handled with the necessary experience and caution that would require the fire real weapons.
3. Construction of a shooting range in the basement, using the screen of large size and high definition projector already present.
By changing a few centimeters the projector and using the large screen already present, you can play wide and realistic scenarios, similar to those described above, to be shown on the monitor above example, but having in this context a much larger screen, you could play with a high degree of virtual reality, the "meeting" of the "hunter" or the shooter with the targets or the prey of every kind, both moving and stationary and / or hidden. Also in this case it will be possible to use real weapons, suitably modified for the electronic shooting, or already prepared weapons for this purpose. Also in this case there will be no need for special care in the handling of weapons, and it will be possible to vary the speed of movement of the "prey", depending on the skill of the user shot.
4. Implementation of a completely virtual shooting range. VR360Shooting
In such cases, the shooting range will be completely virtual, and all scenarios, the prey and the hunting contexts, will be screened in a helmet or visor place before the eyes of the user, "immersing", in fact, in the context in which it has decided to act, as if it were the center of the real scenario, with the ability to move, act and react, in the same way in which you would do if it were really in front of the prey or the targets that the scenario the propose from time to time, including the variation of the speed of movement of the preys or targets. In this case the user will be able to use real weapons suitably modified or weapons predisposed to the electronic shooting, as in previous cases, but being "immersed" in the scenario completely, will act as a special circular station, which will provide the necessary support to maintain balance even in the most sudden movements, in all circumstances. As described above, even in this case, the user will not have to have special care in the handling of weapons, because it will be properly prepared to the electron guns shoot, so harmless to other potential observers. In the specific case, it may also create scenarios in which to interact is not only one shooter.
We believe we have analyzed all possible solutions, both real and virtual, that could be realized in the environments we have visited, with the advantage, in the case of electronic virtual shooting, to qualify for the system in total safety, even with non-users experienced and trained to shoot co firearms, both short barrel that long.
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