Samsung overlapping italian patent Virtualmind Real360

22/02/2016, in Barcelona, a 360 ° camera took place the presentation of the new device Samsung Galaxy S7 and related product Samsung Gear 360.
Davide Angelelli owner of the Italian company Virtualmind, has developed and owns several Italian and international patents since 2011 related to the 360 ° technology also inoculated into mobile devices and drones and field endoscopic resolutions up to 50mpixel.
Davide Angelelli Virtualmind owner of the company is testing the product of Samsung as very similar in design and identical use.
The lawyers of Virtualmind companies want to protect the intellectual property of the Italian and international patent reserving the right to exercise their rights in all appropriate fora against the technology giant.
David Angelelli and his Virtualmind was engaged in important negotiations with the world's leading companies in the technology field for the transfer of exploitation rights of patents and product output Samsung has hampered some potential contracts.
We enclose a copy of the Italian and international patent, product images Virtualmind presented in 2014 and the article published in the Republic of August 15, 2015.
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