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Our simulators are the result of 20 years of expertise developed in the field of motorsport and simulation dedicated to the training of pilots and engineers with the aid of virtual reality and filming at 360 ° with curved monitor, projection for immersive environments to 360 °, helmets, virtual reality viewers and sensors.
The will to make it even more accessible to the general public and the professional drivers carry on board simulators, it has led to the creation of a product of great high-tech style.
Thanks to the best companies in the industry and to the development of a single movement code of its kind where the dynamic movements with 3 degrees of freedom returns sensations never felt before in a simulator is not for their professionalism, we can say that we have found the right balance between realism and simulation.
The forces and reactions involved, and mainly the yaw realized by software, are what the pilot is expected to receive the guidance of a simulator generating greater conviction of a reality that otherwise would hardly present by introducing the emotional aspects that, in a non-professional use, leading to a perception of realism never before experienced.
We manufacture simulators from 2 to 6 axes of motion, Automotive, motorcycle, Aviation, Aerospace.
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