3D RENDERING || 3d Rendering
Virtualmind realized through 3D modeling prototypes manufactured in industrial design, automotive, construction , works in 3d computer graphics and its products that the virtual reality that is able to offer.
Recently, many industries are replacing or supplementing the catalogs with real photographs render three-dimensional virtual . These images make it possible to eliminate the costs of setting up a photo shoot . Designing a virtual environment , the customer can choose to use the same three-dimensional scene by varying the lights , materials , colors and produce endless different solutions.
We are also cutting-edge use of new tecnolologie Rendering and production of still images and amimazioni , we use both the stereoscopic we are able to produce digital images binocular 3D visible with special glasses , both for viewing still images is of amimazioni 3d in full HD format .
The services we offer :
- Still-life product in high resolution for catalogs , posters , flyers
- Environments architectural 3d illuminated by photometric curves ies
- Three-dimensional animations to illustrate installation and maintenance of products
- Animations " walk through" within architectural environments
- Creation of pdf documents with 3d interactive animations and exploded
- Presentation of Powerpoint documents with interactive 3d models
- 3d Presentations for fairs, exhibitions , demonstrations generally
- Achievements of multimedia catalogs 3d
- Construction of commercial product or institutional films on dvd
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