Live Streaming 360° Omnidirectional Panoramic  Technology
The project is based on three different technological innovations complementary:
ORION 360 Platform: a multimedia platform and a series of thematic channels able to acquire and spread to millions of users content omnidirectional 360 °.
Real 360 - Real 720  a series of omnidirectional cameras in the consumer and professional (broadcast) that will revolutionize the market in direct competition with the cameras Camera Action.
Real360 App: a revolutionary application for smartphones and tablets, can transform these devices in an omnidirectional camera and send content to remote users.
Four Platform Version :
ORION 360 Broadcast®SWYW (New Media Concept)

ORION 360 live interactive SWYW ® (Interactive Media Concept)
ORION 360 MIL SWYW® (Interactive media Military Concept)

ORION 360 security & analisys SWYW® (Interactive Security Concept)
ORION 360 SWYW FINDER ® (finder and trace Object)

Innovation Technology
Managing with Gesture - Multi Touchscreen up to 32 control points:
Through applications Real720 for tablets, phones and SmartTV the user will have the ability to choose and cut and rcutting the portions you want, to create new scenes within a video omnidirectional, incorporating a 360 ° spherical, Currently on board the helicopter carrier Garibaldi of the Italian MM
Ocular 3d Stereoscopic Vison:
Virtualmind patent. the development of new three-dimensional viewers eye will be able to "navigate" the shooting scene from omnidirectional cameras using the gyroscope inside the optical viewers or tablet.
The viewer can watch what they want as if it were present at different points of the event or events simultaneously!
With a single omnidirectional camera where each user can look like.
Fly 360

The First World's 360° Nano UAV with live Broadcasting System

Real 360° - Real 720°

The First World's 360° Broadcasting Camera

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LCD VR Glasses

Integrated underwater LCD VR Glasses with Augmented Reality 360°

Multitouch Surface

Our Multitouch Table and realtive patent aboard MM Italiana Naval unit "Garibaldi"

Panoptes 360°

The First World's 360° Bradcasting Live System & Mesh Network

Real 360° Helmets

The first world's 360° Omnidirectional Helmets 2 Optics 4k Camera