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Investors, investment funds, Angel's business, retailers, distributors interested in my patents are invited to send an email, all the proposals, provided that series, logical and appropriate, will be evaluated with the necessary attention.
Struggling a thousand times with various business logic I walk my walk head high, often appalled by selfish behaviors that clash with the creative nature, soul, of, patents.
I figured maybe a great thing: alone is not going nowhere, this is true for me and also applies to those approaches to an inventor or its patents thinking they can steal the idea, copying, often badly.

Our Vision
Omnidirectional Video Shooting System
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SESAR ATC MultiTouch Technology
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The Company

VIRTUALMIND, is a company founded in 2011 by Davide Angelelli to explore the creative and commercial strength of his different patents invented by the founder with a particular focus on 360° video technologies.

Our Company Our company owns over 100 patents and industrial designs.

Since its creation the company developed many different patents, products and services related to design, virtual reality and immersive 360° video: 360° video applications for network devices, desktop and mobile 360°, movie productions dedicated to individual customers, corporate and government.

From his first patent Virtualmind has created and implemented various patents in the Aerospace, UAV and biomedical field, implementing on board of new devices, Video 360° technologies.

The "mission" we want to achieve is:

"Do not bring more the recorded images to the user, such as pre-packaged product from others, which can not interact in any way, but bring the user to the center of the omnidirectional video with the ability to watch, in complete freedom, where he want, as if he is in the center of the scene, at the time it was recorded, with high resolutions and frame rates. "

Virtualmind, drawing on his experiences with the 360° video, is developing a new line of hardware, software and services for the consumer market. Based on the concepts presented in the patent, Virtualmind develops new products that will be presented under the brands Real360°, Real720°, Fly360°.

Virtualmind is developing 360° "dedicated" software applications and will provide a new hosting online omni- directional service, enabling owners of Real camera 360° to share their Real 360° Video through the Orion © platform, also in thematic channels.

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