The Panoptes360 Omnidirectional Technology Systems, integrated in one system aircraft from reduced weight and size, with a 360 ° omni-directional sensors, our patent, with high quality technology. They offer the possibility to realize in a few minutes for a quick service Aerial filming, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Intelligence mission.

Virtualmind owns the first patent in the world it integrates an omnidirectional camera aboard a UAV.
Panoptes 360° Technology
Our Services & Product
• Fixed-wing UAV
• SARP - UAV vtol
• Technologies Real omnidirectional 360 °
• Recording Systems 360 °
• Flir Camera
• Laserscan & Multispectral Analisys
• Vision of the movie from the ground in real time
• Data analysis and positioning GPS
• Video Control places inaccessible
• Production of three-dimensional files

• Video surveillance
• Search and Rescue
• Investigation of crime scenes
• Control and fire prevention
• Control Infrastructure
• Monitoring lines High Voltage
• Control of pipeline
• Analysis of offshore platforms
• Documentaries
• Cinema - Television commercials