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The shoot video at 360 ° are no longer ' a utopia . With our 2 new prototypes of immersive cameras offer businesses and consumers immersive 360-degree panoramic shooting , ask for a quote !       Real 360 °   An innovative system , a new way of interpreting the filming and video content to make them interactive , with unprecedented resolutions and broadcast quality .   This is our patent product of our twenty years of experience in the broadcast field .   Our system , Real 360 ° ® , crosses the boundaries of classic video footage , goes further, giving the viewer the opportunity to become a director , browsing in real-time video footage as if it were present at the event .   Our system , with different optics takes over the world to 360 ° and offers the possibility of using spherical video content and navigate 360 degrees that surrounds the point of recovery, including back stage !   Suitable for television cameras , video surveillance systems , acrobatic shots aboard drones, helicopters, in places off-limits.   Remote users connected to the server via the Internet, will be able to enjoy the video content navigandoli 360 ° in real-time .   The optics used by us are able to shoot up to 30 million pixels and produce movies in 4 -8K , good for the new projectors and televisions of the latest generation .   It will be a new experience on the part of the beholder, who can no longer see what is central to the director, but the one that interests them at that time. You will be able to achieve with the new technology flight simulators, control towers virtual shooting ranges.   In the future there is only post-production : The real objective , are filming live interactive , the new frontier of freedom of choice.   Recovering from a fixed point or a vehicle , cars, motorcycles, helicopters, drones or video footage will never be the same . The user will have the opportunity to live a unique experience that will have a new dimension , a depth and a spherical field image for unforgettable experiences.   The system can also be enjoyed , as well as mobile devices, projectors or from the classic television via curved patterns to be immersed in the experience video giving the viewer the opportunity to be immersed in the real world , providing a level of detail never seen before, resolutions 4k , 4 times the resolution of a video full-hd .   A football game can be enjoyed as if we were on the sideline , where everyone can look more like they are not bound by the decisions taken by a director , the chance to see their point of view of the images and ' in fact a concept that pushes the limits the imagination of film and TV to make the real more real and engaging.   The system , through development modules , also provides the possibility to build a custom system for any type of user and need.   Our software also offers the ability to insert 3D objects within the scenes , which will feed into perspective and really will merge into the world again . It will be also possible to insert videos in the video as a pop -up, with the ability to zoom in real -time video .   The contents may be coupled to our multitouch monitor or our 360 ° immersive video systems suitable for small to large cinema halls with very high resolution (4K ) with monitor curved or hemispherical .   We propose , therefore , to our best customers and the world premiere of this new innovative technology , based on our experience , a number of examples : ...
Patent UAV camera with immersive
This utility model combines two technologies, a vehicle with vertical takeoff with an electric motor blades ( drone ) and a video system saw shooting a 360 ° immersive mode . This system is ' very good for use in film , commercials and advertising , security , video inspections in inaccessible places or contaminated , such as after a flood , an earthquake, or after a nuclear contamination in the military or security or tactical control . images and video are recorded in digital sequence of images taken by the various optical camera immersive 360 degree , while the aircraft and ' flying both stationary and dynamic . This utility model versatite being very small and has a virtually unlimited use , can ' be remote-controlled via camera remotizzata in the remote control. A particular variant of the camera mounted on top of the aircraft enables the capture immersive stereoscopic or a system of cameras to record a panoramic field of vision 360 ° 3D in digital mode. ...
Virtualmind presents its new patent camera 360 ° immersive video recordings ...
Roma Design +
Virtualmind sponsors the famous exhibition of Design and Technology at the Roma Design + 'Xx Gil Trastevere - Rome   Roma Design is an international exhibition that promotes and enhances the culture of design and opens to the comparison between the international scene.   With a rich program of initiatives, including exhibitions, seminars, conferences and performances, located in different places of the city, the review in a forum involving companies, universities, institutions, professionals and the general public, to demonstrate that the design is a driver of innovation and development.   Promoted by the University "La Sapienza" of Rome Section of Arts, Design and New Technologies Department DATE - takes place in collaboration with the Province of Rome-Department for Productive Activities and the Chamber of Commerce of Rome. ...
Our professionals for over 20 years involved in the production of 3d renderings and animations going to explore new technologies for photo-realistic results and appealing for presentation of products, artifacts, renovations. ...
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