The Queen Return
Made in italy with Motorsport passion
(Price Start from 145 k Euros)
Hintegrale Stradale
280 HP (only 25 pieces)
For Gentlemen's Driver
(Price Start from 275 k Euros)
Hintegrale R
Hybrid Power 400 Hp (only 25 pieces)
WRC Racing Model for Gentlemen's Driver and unique Championship
(Price Start from 550 k Euros)
WRC #1
Hybrid Power 500Hp (only 25 pieces)
WRC Racing Model for Gentlemen's Driver and unique Championship
(Price Start from 650 k Euros)
Hintegrale E-WRC #1
700 KW (only 25 Pieces)
Rally 1 Edition - WRC Racing Championship
(Price Start from 990 k Euros)
Rally ONE
Hybrid Power 550Hp (only 10 pieces)

Angelelli Automobili - Hintegrale is a high-performance car born in 2021 from the experience gained in the D-1 project by Angelelli Automobili, based in Rome.

Created by aggregating the various patents of the company into a single product.

This project that integrates different technologies wants to be for the car manufacturer and its customers the maximum interpretation of the various patents of the company to give the driver the best performance, on the road, track and in its natural terrain, the dirt road!

This futuristic reinterpretation in a modern key of the iconic Italian house winner of several world championships in the 90s, is the result of years of study and numerous patents ranging from aerodynamic design to the use of new technologies, such as an innovative frame with the application Generative Design technique and topological optimization of the structures and subsequent 3D printing in titanium-aluminum alloy, with internal latex effect. The latter gives greater rigidity in the stress points of the frame and lightness where the stresses are lower, as if to recall the bone nature of the birds.

Other innovative elements that characterize the Hintegrale are: multiple mobile surfaces for active aerodynamics, sintered printing of metal materials using ad hoc robots, absence of welding and gluing in the frame, implementation of 360 ° vision technology, the HUD for the driver's instrumentation, a 3-60 camera for the rear-view mirror and finally the Predictive technology that make this project the first example in the world in the Automotive-Motorsport sector of the implementation of multiple futuristic technologies.

Hintegrale, the new hatchback, an extreme take on numerous aerodynamic concepts already installed on the Superperformante D-1; a hybrid Power unit, will be a concentrate of technologies implemented on the car to optimize performance and handling both on the track and on the road.
In the Hintegrale project, the Italian style concept of the winners of the World Rally Championship is reworked.
The car will be homologated for road use and built on specific customer requests, confirming how this emerging manufacturer, with the presumption of become an international brand, keep alive the Design and the Italian manufacturing spirit (Made in Italy) of a car manufacturer who creates, piece by piece by hand, high-performance and ONE-OFF cars.

Stradale Version
WRC Version
Technical Datasheet

Hintegrale will be powered by three possible engines in front or central configuration and a full Electric engine;

Engine configuration Endothermic-hybrid position Central Endothermic-hybrid position Front:
- 4 cylinders in line 1.8 twin turbo with 280 HP all-wheel drive
- 4 cylinders in line 1.8 Biturbo 1.8 liters with hybrid technology assisted by two electric motors on the rear axle, for a combined total (peak) power of over 400 HP and 4-wheel drive.

Endothermic-hybrid engine configuration Central position:
- 4 cylinders in line 1.8 Biturbo 1.8 liters with hybrid technology assisted by two electric motors on the rear axle, for a total combined power (peak) of over 550 HP and 4-wheel drive.

Full Electric Motorization Configuration:
- Full Electric version with a power of over 700 kw, four-wheel drive for lovers of the "Green"
Stylistically, the car benefits from a complex system of air flows inside the bodywork that glue the car to the ground through 12 active aerodynamic surfaces and an electronics that controls the angles of attack in acceleration, speed and braking, offering a downforce ranging from 400 to 750 kg.

Hintegrale, the style;
Born from the drawings of the Italian designer Davide Angelelli, the car was developed by Aeromeccanica technicians in close contact with eminent Italian engineers who have created several iconic series and racing cars, implementing and validating this project.
To confirm the supersport attitude, the new Hintegrale will be equipped with an engine and a steering wheel derived from those used in competitions, while the dashboard will be a single LED monitor with Touch Screen functions that can be completely reconfigured by the driver both in the information to be reported and in the graphics. A HUD for the pilot with VR and interactive functions on the helmet (in case of driving on the track) will implement the instrument part.
The car has been tested for over 96,000 km in virtual mode on various renowned tracks around the world and on test circuits designed and built specifically for the project, by the Branch of the READY2DRIVE group, Top speed tests have given positive feedback for speeds over 270 km / h, data to be released soon.

Design and Aerodynamics
The overall design takes aerodynamics to the extreme, it will have a very low set-up and 12 flow deviators that glue the car to the asphalt when driving at high speed, increasing its grip and, under braking, as on supersonic aircraft, the active surfaces act by aerodynamic brake, reducing the stress of the braking system.

The chassis
The Hintegrale "platform" includes futuristic techniques that will revolutionize the automotive world, a unique chassis resulting from proprietary Generative Design techniques that implement the hybrid 4-wheel drive platform.

An important detail concerns the chassis of the car; a single monolithic structure without joints, welds or screws. The result of studies on Generative Design, it has been optimized to create a structure that recalls organic forms; each piece will be manufactured using a very particular Robot, of aerospace origin, created ad hoc, which will use metal sintering techniques.
360 ° panoramic view

Predictive technology - Integrated Predictive Dynamics System - SIPE ®

The car will be implemented by the 360 ​​° panoramic vision technology, Virtualmind Real 360 ° ®, the result of some patents of the house



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