Italian Design - Design by Davide Angelelli and Angelelli Automobili Centro Stile
Angelelli Automobili Project.
Four Italian Engineers and Two Designer produce a Luxury Car Design and Prototype Made in Italy
our team designs and produces one-of-a-kind pieces (ONE OFF series) for passionate customers and gentlemen drivers.
we design and make your dreams come true starting from excellent designs and prototypes.
We provide 360 ° assistance from freehand design to the final prototype and its industrialization
Made in Italy
Superperformante D-One
The car, officially presented in March 2020 in Geneva and will be produced in very few pieces already assigned before production, is intended for customer-testers selected by the house, in order to test the technological solutions applied to it during a test program lasting two years.
The car is therefore exclusively aimed at performance and can only be used in the events of the D-One R program. This car therefore serves to develop and improve mechanical, electronic, aerodynamic and dynamic solutions deriving from the competitions supported by the team in the various GT and Endurance championships, but without the constraints given by the approvals.
Superperformante D-One Project Official Video On Youtube
360° Vision - Mirror Less - Lidar & Predictive Technology
Virtualmind Real360© unique technology enables merging of multiple base sensors to a single LiDAR system, providing an integrated single point cloud with a flexible field of view (FoV). This capability allows the support of various use cases for different types of vehicles and applications.
Real360© patented multi wavelength technology enables multiple sensors installation with no interference while maximizing scan rate and eliminating any dead zones in the full FOV.
The integration of all base sensors is done by our LiDAR Control Unit (LCU) that provides a single 4D point-cloud
Innovative Aerodynamics
Hyper "D" Kers
With a 4.8-liter V8 engine paired with the KERS hybrid system, delivering a total of 1350hp in D-One R-Evo.
The T-One R- Evo is an incredibly fast car. But exactly how much? John explains: "Thanks to the combination of the V12 with the KERS system, this lightning fast car is able to hit extraordinarily high peaks on the straights of most circuits."

The HD-KERS system has been evolved from a purely performance point of view, with operating logics that can be managed by the rider through a specific 4-position lever: Qualify, to obtain maximum performance within a limited number of laps; Long Run to optimize the consistency of performance; Manual Boost for instantaneous delivery of maximum torque; Fast Charge, to activate fast battery charging.
Several Patented Technology
Organic Chassis with Generative Design atn Topological Optimization
The D-One frame is designed and conceived with the most advanced three-dimensional modeling techniques.
Our 2020 patent takes the state of the art into a new dimension.
Organic shaped frames, porous inside, light, resistant, without the use of glues, welding, screws or discontinuous and non-homogeneous materials
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Superperformante D-1


Th Ferrari F-78 Formula 1 Concept  is newest Model from Aeromeccanica.

Designed in 2019 and presented at Geneve Motorshow in March 2020
Designed by Davide Angelelli

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Ferrari Formula 1 F-78 Concept


The Ferrari F-78 Formula 1 Concept  is newest Model from Aeromeccanica for 2025 F-1 Season

Designed in 2021 and presented at Geneve Motorshow in March 2022
Designed by Davide Angelelli

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Bugatti F-1 Concept


The Bugatti Formula 1 Concept  is newest Model from Aeromeccanica for 2030 F-1 Season

Designed in 2022 and presented at Geneve Motorshow in March 2022
Designed by Davide Angelelli

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Track test
Imola Circuit
Track Test
Vallelunga Circuit
Track Test
TopGear Circuit
Made in italy with Motorsport passion
Superperformante D-One S
Racing Model for Gentlemen's Driver and unique Championship
Superperformante D-One Model R

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